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    acca exams tips p2,p3,p4 & p5 june 2013
    notify me on P2, P3 AND f9 EXAM TIPS
    kelong king
    My advise to you taking this exam on 11 june. Dont take it too seriously. You sure pass because this exam anybody also can get thru even üneducated people such as blangala. Just answer 1.5 questions you sure pass.

    You can either choose to ommit Section A the whole question of Consolidation and whole question of Section B.

    But what is the use of passing this exam? Paying money to buy a pass result? I feel an insult and disgrace of achieving this "Counterfeit Pass
    isn't life amazing? who can pdicert how things will go from day to day, month to month , year to year? you are the perfect inspiration for taking things as they come and going one step at a time towards your heart's desire. congratulations! i spent time over at your photography site and it is beautiful! you are a great photographer as well as a fantastic business woman! i love seeing your name in SL and the projects you create you are a real dynamo girl!
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